As parents

We want all of our sons and daughters to dream big

However, finding the right path to help make those dreams a reality can be a confusing, near impossible road to navigate. THE WALK-ON FOUNDATION is a Charleston based, non-profit organization that offers veteran coaching and sports management expertise to teens by providing these young men and women with the tools needed to succeed in the sports industry.


Coach Wesley Horne

Is a former college walk-on athlete himself who understands the endless challenges kids face without financial support, on-the-job training and professional coaching. He knows that competing against well trained athletes with limitless resources is a huge barrier to overcome. Coach Horne grew up in a poor rural area with little to no resources and started working part-time jobs at the age of 13 while competing as a full time student athlete. He relied on his faith to endure challenges many cannot bear and dare to try, eventually becoming an NCAA and NBA coach himself. Coach Horne has an unbridled desire to share in his experiences, knowledge, and expertise to assist those who face the same struggles.

The Walk-On Foundation


Our mission is to provide opportunities and rise to the challenge of mentoring the talented youths of tomorrow. But unfortunately, Coach Horne can’t do this by himself. It is a team effort, and he is calling on you to help!